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Sunday,  7th  August 2022       

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia         

All day to 18:00 Conference Participants' Arrival in Ljubljana 


11:00    DHI Bureau Meeting     

15:00    DHI Bureau & Organizing Committee Meeting  

16:30 - 18:00     Deaf Sculptor Ivan Štrekelj Art Exhibition – National Gallery

                             (Petra Rezar, MA, Slovenia)      

18:00 - 24:00    Welcome Reception & Social – Vrt Lili Novy cafe

Monday,  8th  August 2022       

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia         

8:00      Registration, Booths & Posters Open    

9:00      Conference Opening & Welcome to Ljubljana

               Petra Rezar, MA & Angel Naumovski  (DHI 2022 Conference Chairs)

               Dr. Brian Greenwald  (DHI President)

               Dr. Darjo Felda  (Slovenia Ministry of Education, Science and Sport)

               Dejan Crnek  (Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana)

               Derk Jan Nauta (Chargé d’Affaires a.i., Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in                   Ljubljana)             

9:30      Deafhood Reflections & Next Steps Forward in Deaf History Scholarship

              (Dr. Paddy Ladd, United Kingdom)        

10:00    Ciril Sitar, Deaf Printer during the Occupation of Ljubljana

               (Petra Rezar, MA, Slovenia)      

10:30    The Company called “Učne delavnice”

               (Dr. Marjetka Kulovec, Slovenia)            

11:00     Morning Coffee Break  

11:30      Photographic Images of Deaf People's Lives in Ljubljana

              (Gašper Rems, Slovenia)            

12:00    Historical Pathways, Lessons, and Memories of “Zurkhnii Sonor – Heart Alertness”

              (Enkhbaatar Ajirshavgaan, Mongolia)  

12:30     Development of the 'Golden Generation' of Deaf Basketball in Slovenia

               (Damjan Šebjan & Miha Zupan, Slovenia)          

13:00    Lunch Break     

14:30     The Change of Paradigm: The Recovery of Portugese Sign Language from                                     Clandestinity and the Genesis of Bilingual Education for Deaf Students in Portugal

               (Dr. Paulo Vaz de Carvalho, Portugal)   

15:00    Deaf in the P. R. C.: 'defect' and the New Deaf Chinese, 1949 - 1980

               (Dawei Ni, MA, Germany)         

15:30     Afternoon Coffee Break             

16:00    Ingrian-Finnish Deaf People between 1899 and 2022

               (Outi Ahonen, MA, Finland)      

16:30     Multiple Lives of Deaf People in Vietnam

               (Truc Nguyen, Vietnam)             

17:00     Prague Through the Eyes of Deaf People

               (Mgr. Iva Hay, Czech Republic) 

17:30      Deaf Methods of Museum Operation

               (Meredith Peruzzi, MA, United States of America, Vincent Ameloot, Belgium, &

               Caroline Pelletier, France)         

18:15       Close   

18:15 - 20:00     Ljubljana Deaf-Guided City Tour            

Tuesday,  9th  August 2022       

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia         

8:00      Registration, Booths & Posters Open     

9:00      Deaf Roma/Sinti. Helping Minorities for Equal Opportunities. Offering Children Good

               Education and Enforce the Position of the Deaf Roma/Sinti Also Referred to as Gypsy

               (Ruva Kremers-Meta, Netherlands)      

9:30       History of Sign Language in Japan

               (Shinobu Shingai, Japan)           

10:00    The History of the Albanian Deaf Community

               (Eduard Ajas, Albania) 

10:30     The Society of the Deaf in Ukraine from 1933 to the Present Day

               (Mariia Antypenko & Oleksandr Sidorchuk, Ukraine)    

11:00      Morning Coffee Break  

11:30      Development of the Slovak Deaf Community during the 20th Century

               (Roman Vojtechovský, Slovakia)            

12:00     Experiences of Deafness in State Socialist Romania

                (Dr. Radu Harald Dinu, Sweden)            

12:30      Cultural and Art Association “Josip Medved” 1950 - 1995

                (Lino Ujčić & Angel Naumovski, Croatia)             

13:00    Lunch Break     

14:30     Wanting to be a Part of It: The Long Struggle of the East German National                                   Association  of the Deaf to Join the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD), 1957 to 1970

               (Dr. Anja Werner, Germany)    

15:00     A Story about an Unique Museum of the Deaf in Kyiv

                (Volodymyr Bozhko, Ukraine)  

15:30     Survey on Deafblind People in Hungary

               (Dr. Simona Gerenčer, Slovenia)            

16:00    Afternoon Coffee Break             

16:30    Outline of Special Education Origins after the Second World War in the Primorska                      Region  (Mirjana Kontestabile Rovis & Ivančica Sabadin, Slovenia)         

17:00    Eugenics, Marriage Act, Sterilization and Abortions in Finland 1929-1970

               (Maija Koivisto, M.Ed., Finland)             

17:30     Film »Fabrikas«     (Avni Dauti & Rebecca Vaughan, Australia)       

18:00    Close & Dinner on your own    

19:30 – 24:00    Ljubljana Deaf Social Meeting  

Wednesday,  10th  August 2022       

7.30 – 19.00   

All-Day Slovenia Excursion (7.30 – 17.00)

Ljubljana –  Postojna – Bled – Ljubljana – Zagreb

Ljubljana Transfer to Zagreb (17.00 – 19.00)

Thursday,  11th  August 2022       

ZAGREB, Croatia         

8:00      Registration, Booths & Posters Open    

9:00     Conference Welcome to Zagreb

            -Petra Rezar, MA & Angel Naumovski

               (DHI 2022 Conference Chairs)

            - Tomislav Tomašević - Mayor city Zagreb - video welcome

            - Marinka Bakula Anđelić - Representative of the city office for health and social welfare

            - Mirjana Juriša - President of the association of translators of Croatian sign language                  and executive director of the association of the deaf and hard of hearing in the city of


            -Mr Bigg - Ambassador of the Embassy of Australia

            -Dr. Brian Greenwald  (DHI President)

9:30      Activism of Deaf People in Croatia  (Jadranka Krstić & Ivona Divić, Croatia)

10:00    Life and Work of Dragoljub Vukotić  (Aleksandra Šoti & Peter Šoti, Slovenia)

10:30     Unsigned Truth   (Dr. Sanja Tarczay, Angel Naumovski, Croatia)

11:00     Morning Coffee Break

11:30      DHI General Assembly

13:00     Lunch Break

14:30      Posters Q & A Session  

15:00    Irena Walulewicz- Understand Saving Human Lives

               (Małgorzata Mickiewicz, Poland)           

15:30    Film »2nd World Congress of the Deaf hosted in 1955 in Zagreb, Croatia«

              (Joško Duplančič & Hrvatski Savez Gluhih i Nagluhih (HSGN) – Zagreb / Croatian                       Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing – Zagreb)

15:45      Afternoon Coffee Break             

16:15      Deaf Education in Ljubljana   (Zemka Kečanović, Slovenia)     

16:45      Deaf Communities of Vyborg, Russia between 1899 and 2022

               (Outi Ahonen, MA, Finland)      

17:15       Film »Signs of Silence« (SOS)  (Jerko Ban, Angel Naumovski, Croatia) 

18:00    Close   

18:45 – 20:30    Zagreb Deaf-Guided City Tour  

20:30 – 24:00    Zagreb Deaf Association            

Friday,  12th  August 2022       

ZAGREB, Croatia         

8:00      Registration, Booths & Posters Open     

9:00      Historical Overview of the Activities of the Slava Raškaj Educational Centre Zagreb,                     Croatia (1885 - 2000)  (prof. Ružica Kežman, Croatia) 

9:30      The Life of Roman Petrykiewicz  (Tomasz Adam Świderski, Poland)        

10:00    Deaf Roma/Sinti History: 1900-2000  (Ruva Kremers-Meta, Netherlands)      

10:30     Deaf Education in China: History and Reflection  (Dawei Ni, MA, Germany)         

11:00    Morning Coffee Break  

11:30     Truth & Reconciliation Process of the Sign Language Community in Finland

              (Maija Koivisto, M.Ed., Finland)             

12:00    History of Romanov Palace - St. Petersburg Society of the Deaf

               (Vera Shamaeva, Russia)           

12:30    Community, Language and Nation in the Lives of Finland-Swedish Deaf People in the                20th Century  (Dr. Hanna Lindberg, Finland) 

13:00    Lunch Break

14:00    The Deaf History of Bosnia and Herzegovina  (Edis Adrović) 

14:30    Urban Deaf Spaces: Documenting Deaf Spaces in New York City, 1880-2000

              (Dr. Brian Greenwald & Brianna DiGiovanni, United States of America)

15:00    Polish Independent Deaf Filmaking  (Dr. Magdalena Zdrodowska, Poland)  

15:30    Afternoon Coffee Break             

16:00    Croatian Sign Language in Schools with Deaf Children at the Turn of   Political                             Systems – From Socialism to Democracy   (Dorijana Kavčić, MA, Croatia) 

16:30     Slava Raškaj, the Most Famous Name of Croatian Painting

               (Lino Ujčić , Croatia)             

17:00    Closing Ceremony         

17:30    Close   

19:00 – 24:00    Gala Banquet   

Saturday,  13th  August 2022       

7.00 – 19.00    All Day – Croatia Excursion


                                         Zagreb – Ozalj – Plitvička jezera – Zagreb


Dr. Breda Carty &  Darlene Thornton (Australia)

Preserving And Celebrating Australia’s Deaf History

Liesbeth Pyfers (Netherlands)  &   Junhui Yang (The United Kingdom)

Deaf Museums and Online Deaf History Collections/Archives



Joni Oyserman,MA  & Anique  Schüller,MA &  Dr.Victoria Nyst   (Netherlands)       

Effatha Gebaren: Emergence of a Sign Language Dialect in Netherlands Sign Language  (NGT)



Corinna S. Hill, MA (USA)

Do You Meme? Incorporating Creative Assignments in Deaf History Courses

Polona Koželj, MA &  Klara Marija Keršič, MA (Slovenia)         

The History of Slovenian Education of Deaf Students



Albania, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam

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